Our exclusive houses are the perfect option for guests looking for privacy, longer stays, or groups looking for larger accommodations. Guests have complete and exclusive use of the house and privacy from other visitors. Each one is unique in every way: design, size, layout and amenities.


As part of our dedication to providing exceptional service and dining experiences, we are pleased to advise that food and beverages will be provided exclusively by the hotel to ensure a first-class experience throughout your stay.

Casa del árbol

Casa del Árbol

Celebrate the pleasures of nature in the Colonial City.

Centuries ago, Casa del Árbol was the home of an architect who carried out important civil and restoration works in the Colonial City. Original gray and white tiles still remain in the house, reminding us of its former glory and its connection to the first Cathedral of the New World.

Casa Antillana

Casa Antillana

Honors the rich and magical culture of the West Indies.

Casa Antillana exudes a colonial Antillean ambiance celebrating the vibrant culture of the Caribbean islands. Located in the quaint pedestrian calle Macorís, the house is light and airy. An ample living area greets the visitor and connects to the exterior where a large sea grape tree graces the garden.

Casa Macrís

Casa Macorís

Promotes the rich and magical Dominican folklore.

Casa Macorís is in one of the most charming locales in Santo Domingo’s Colonial City. The house was part of the Convent of the Dominican Order, which still stands today just a few steps away. Here time passes with serenity, marked by the chime of bells from nearby churches.

Casa del diseñador

Casa del Diseñador

Committed to the advancement of the arts and design in the Dominican Republic.

Upon opening its doors, you will be transported to the 16th century, where elegance, comfort, and privacy converge. A large room welcomes the visitor with its brick floors and thick white walls from where one can glimpse the interior patio and covered terrace.

Casa del Pozo

Casa del Pozo

Represents the harmonious juxtaposition of antique and modern structures.

Casa del Pozo is outstanding, all that is antique is preserved and the new elements are modern, highlighting the value of its centenarian foundations. The heart of the house is its colonial style patio. The interior of the house has a spacious open layout that was taken advantage of to create a great hall with a great dining area.

Casa de los Mapas

Casa de los Mapas

Evokes travel, history and exploration

Located on the grounds of the former Dominican Monastery, the original structure dates to the Spanish colonial era. It has been completely renovated and decorated with antique maps and plantation-style furniture for a colonial-tropical ambiance. The distribution of the rooms flows into the patio with its lush vegetation and swimming pool.

Casa de los Vitrales

Casa de los Vitrales

A true testimony of the splendor of another era.

Built in the early 20th century, Casa de los Vitrales is an expression of pure elegance. The two-level house has ample entertaining rooms graced with intricate architectural details. A large patio surrounds the house, making it perfect for events and gatherings.


Casa Sánchez

A historic venue that honors the legacy of the nation’s founding fathers.

Casa Sánchez is an open and diaphanous location suitable for hosting events and intimate parties. The elements of the original structure contrast with the brightness of the room, making it a warm and welcoming space that can accommodate a multitude of set-ups.

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Experience is believing. The Colonial City, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is the oldest permanent city established by Europeans in the Western Hemisphere.

The historic quarter pulses with history. Cobblestone streets are lined with beautiful homes and monuments, small shops, museums and restaurants. Stroll on your own or let our Concierge organize unique experiences.